How To Improve Intimacy In A Relationship

intimate relationship

Sometimes even in the best relationships, it’s possible to lose the special feeling of intimacy with our partners. Intimacy isn’t just about sex. It’s about connection and attraction. Knowing “why” we’re with our partner. It’s about understanding why you’re together and strengthening your common bonds.

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The Stroke of Genius – Best Handjob Techniques

The Ultimate Handjob Timeline – Like anything in life, giving a great handjob to a man has an order to it, and distinct Phases. You can also mix what you learn here into your sex life in general . . . radically enhance a blow job you’re giving your man, or move from handjob to intercourse and back again . . . or bring him to Phase 4 and then leave him there, panting with desperate desire while you walk out the door to work with a smile and a “see you later.” (You sexy vixen, you!) But for now, let’s just assume that you’re JUST going to give him a mind-blowing handjob all the way to completion.

Stroke of Genius Reviews

If you ladies are in a relationship and want to get all that you can out of it, you must read my in-depth The Stroke of Genius review.

Many women spend countless amounts of time and energy on counseling and books that dance around the fact that their boyfriend or husband is a sexual being with strong sexual desires. Because of this and due to her own past sexual failures, Cassidy Lyon has created Stroke of Genius, a program that teaches women a host of incredible handjob techniques that they can use to spice up their sex lives, please their man and build intimacy in the relationship.

Read on so that you can figure out whether this program is right for you or not and whether or not it is worth the time and money.

First, let’s take a look at the program creator and what prompted her to create the Stroke of Genius method.

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